Kalavryta (Province of Achaia)

Kalavryta is a town and a municipality in the mountainous east-central part of the regional unit of Achaea, Greece. The town is located on the right bank of the river Vouraikos, 24 kilometres south of Aigio, 40 km southeast of Patras and 62 km northwest of Tripoli.

  • Elevation: 758 m
  • Area: 1.058,147 km2
  • Population: 11.185
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About pilot area: Kalavryta (Province of Achaia)

Kalavryta is a place that combines picturesque images and moments of tranquility with monumental sights, natural beauty and activities galore. The area is consisting of a glorious history, a enchanting nature, traditional villages, the unreserved hospitality and the ski centre are only a few of the reasons that make atmospheric Kalavryta a popular year-round destination.

Having a short walk to the center of Kalavryta, someone can see the railway station and Municipal Museum of the Holocaust of Kalavryta which is inextricably bound to town’s history. The famous rack railway service Odontotos inaugurated in 1896. The train takes passengers on a tour around Vouraikos Gorge and the route is considered as one of the most scenic in Greece. The train is now one of the area’s features, in harmony with the surrounding nature. Also, a rare creation of nature is the Spilaio Limnon, caves on three levels, each containing pools still full of spring rainwater right into the summer; ornate galleries carved out by nature’s hand and mind-boggling stalactite formations. At last, the Kalavrita ski centre is beautiful, white and well equipped for all manner of winter pleasures, including, of course, skiing and snowboarding.

Touristic thematics

  • Archeological
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Landmark
  • Natural