Arta (City center)

Arta is the second largest city in Epirus and capital of the Municipality and Prefecture of Arta. It has a history of 2,700 years, since the age of King Pyrros, the Despotate of Epirus and till the present day. Arta is the land of important historical figures, including Nikolaos Skoufas, Georgios Karaiskakis, Ioannis Makrygiannis and Maximos Graikos.

  • Elevation: 30 m
  • Area: 457,2 km2
  • Population: 43.166

About pilot area: Arta (City center)

The Byzantine color is scattered in every corner of the city, while the plethora of Byzantine "treasures" classifies the region amongst these with the most Byzantine monuments in Greece - following Thessaloniki and Mystras.

The area itself is a hidden gem. Rivers, lakes, picturesque villages, the imposing mountains of Tzoumerka and the Amvrakikos Gulf, compose a scenery ideal for exploration.

Arta, a modern city with respect to its history and heritage, awaits you to discover her. We invite you to visit the capital of the Despotate of Epirus, home of the most imposing Byzantine churches, land of famous stone craftsmen, and make a unique trip with time!

Touristic thematics

  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Landmark
  • Natural