Ancient Olympia (Province of Ilia)

Municipality of Ancient Olympia is located in the Region of Western Greece. The Municipality is divided into the municipal units Archaia Olympia, Foloi, Lampeia and Lasiona.

  • Elevation: 69 m
  • Area: 545,121 km2
  • Population: 13.409

Municipality of Ancient Olympia

Telephone: 26240 22 250
Address: Pr. Kondili and Ch. Kosmopoulou 1

Police: 26240 22 100
Fire Department: 26240 22 300
First aid: 26240 22 222
Citizen Service Center (Ancient Olympia): 26240 29 011
Train Service (Ancient Olympia): 26240 22 677
TAXI (Ancient Olympia): 26240 22 555
Bus Service (Pyrgos): 26210 22 592
Museum of Ancient Olympia: 26240 23 753, 26240 22 529

About pilot area: Ancient Olympia (Province of Ilia)

In the Ancient land of Olympia is located the most known and glorious sanctum of the ancient world, stands as an international symbol of humanity. It was here that the Olympic Games were born in honor of Zeus and were accompanied by the sacred truce that signaled a pause in hostilities between cities. Olympia became the most important religious and athletic centre in Greece. Its fame rests upon the Olympic Games, the greatest national festival and a highly prestigious one world-wide, which was held every four years to honour Zeus. The message of noble emulation and peace is preserved even today by this holy place and delivered through the Olympic Flame to every corner of the earth. Also, the History Museum of the Olympic Games is not only aimed at providing simple information about games in antiquity but also about starting out at the Olympic Games, but also achieves this goal through its exhibits as well as interactive applications. Moreover, the international festival of the ancient land of Olympia and the international film festival of the land of Olympia are taken place in the Municipality.

Visitors can also enjoy festivals such as Alfios River Eco-festival, where they can explore the magnificent natural environment of the Alfios River, Kato Samiko’s unspoiled beach that is only 18km away or enjoy the natural Kaiafas Thermal Spa. They can also have the option of taking part in activities such as walking along the promenade, and sports such as biking, rafting, kayak, kite-surf, etc.

Olympia can also become your base for your ventures to the border region. It is only 33km from Katakolo port and village, 30km from the Temple of Apollo Epikourios, 30km from the Temple of Aphrodite, 57km from Ancient Ilida, 60km from Chlemoutsi Castle and many others.

Touristic thematics

  • Archeological
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Landmark
  • Natural