Concept and Approach

CI-NOVATEC introduces an innovative methodology for collecting experience related, visitor data, in order to facilitate entrepreneurial & policy decisions, with the aim to enhance local Tourism Ecosystems.


POIs collection

Data collection will be achieved through scalable ICT tools, consisting of mobile applications for the tourist, deriving data via questionnaire forms & social media (user profiles or public pages), and an intelligent backend platform applying Big Data Analysis in order to categorize, analyze & conceptualize collected data automatically.


Visitor satisfaction

Data will include:

  • Visited POIs (PPIs & FPIs), updated based on Crowdsourcing Model & Social Media data mining
  • Visitor satisfaction data evaluating service provision per PPI & FPI operators (consisting of cultural associations, theaters administrations, protected areas managers, museum managers ..) & overall service provision by SMEs of LTCs (tour operators, hotels, guides, restaurants & cafes, transportation companies, commercial stores etc).

Valuable Customer Intelligence

Collected data will constitute valuable Customer Intelligence for the selected pilot LTCs (3 in total 1/participating Region, with different geographical (i.e. mountainous, rural, coastal) & thematic (cultural, natural & historical) characteristics in order to obtain diversified results and provide tailor-made results (& services) to final beneficiaries (SMEs, PPIs & FPIs managers, Municipalities, Chambers & Regions) in order to facilitate improvements & future strategic decisions.